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Chateau Peridot

Chateau Peridot is More Than a Name. It Is Our Home
Our French Second Empire home has been lovingly restored. Built in 1875, it was wedding gift from Lynchburg's first millionaire to his daughter Sydney. It sits high above the city on Federal Hill and then atop a 12' stone retaining wall. You must traverse over 50 steps just to reach the main door.
When we found it the gardens were overgrown and had not been cared for in decades but we have restored the gardens back to their original beauty. This older photo does not show the shrub rows which have been added and are trimmed each year to bring back the magic of a French Garden.
The home was in shambles in the late 1980's and with a lot of love and hard work the home has been brought back to its former glory, but as with every historic home it is a work in progress.

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