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Exceptionally Rare Gems

How I Curated Chateau Peridot

How I Curated Chateau Peridot

My first fascination with rocks cane from my aunt Sharon who was a geologist for the US government. She would take me all around in search of plowed fields and riverbeds looking for arrowheads and quartz. Then I discovered a meteorite and the fascination in my young mind was unleashed.   I have always collected … Continue reading How I Curated Chateau Peridot

How To Buy and Mount Loose Gems.

Buying loose gems is a crap shoot. TV gem sellers promote them like used cars jacking the price up and then lowering it to make you think you are getting a good deal, but are you? Why in the world would they claim a gem is 25,000.00 a carat and then magically sell it to … Continue reading How To Buy and Mount Loose Gems.
This royal blue, spinel from Ceylon is worth as much as most sapphire.


"Blue spinel is a geological unicorn and it is rare. It is truly, “natural,” unheated, untreated and true blue. They are real, really blue, made by mother earth and only discovered, liberated from their marble tombs, cut, polished, then cherished by man."

The finest blue spinel is as valuable as sapphire and the price has recently gone up 600%.