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4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal

4.50 carat Russian h Garnet, NO COUPONS, VS, One of the Top Demantoid on the Global Market. Certified, Appraisal

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4.50 Russian, Demantoid Garnet, VS, #4, Dispersion Is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Full Lab Appraisal By Ouellet & Lynch, 1 of the 1st to 4th top Demantoid Garnets on the global market at any given time. 100% Brlliance, full lab report. 

Gem Type - Demantoid Garnet - Andradite -Top Gem On Global Market

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Weight - 4.50 carats

Shape - Round Brilliant, cut by a top Russian cutter entrusted with these world class, large, high-quality demantoid garnets that dazzled Louis Comfort Tiffany when the Russian Czars Royal Collection was sold in the early 1900's after the tragic demise of the Czar, his wife and children, by Tiffany & Company in New York. A great scandal occurred when J.P. Morgan purchased gems which had already been catalogued before the auction. Tiffany's auction remains one of the most historic jewel auctions ever held and it created a high demand for Demantoid Garnet among the royals and wealthy worldwide.

Pieces produced in the 1800's Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco period still command formidable prices at auction and still in high style thanks to the mining efforts of Louis Comfort Tiffany. These gems were unavailable due to economic and political reasons for about 50 years in the mid 1900's but in the last few months this mine has produced several remarkable gems like this along one along with a historic size gem of 16+ carats which exceeded the size of the demantoid garnet exhibited in the Smithsonian currently. It sold to a private buyer for an astronomical amount.

Color - #4 Slight Yellowish Green with 10% or less yellow undertone which allows for highest dispersion, higher than diamonds. The gem explodes into multi color flashes in full sun sending out rays of blue, red, green, orange etc. colored flashes. The VS clarity gives it a beautiful green color in lower light. Gems above #4 in size this large are too saturated and some gems too included to allow 100% brilliance and dazzling full sun presentation like diamond only brighter and flashing rainbows of color. This gem is a VS dazzler.

NOTE ON CERTIFICATIONS AND APPRAISAL - A top gemologist and David Lynch felt there are likely less than 4 demantoid's of this size, color and quality on the global market at this time, if that. Almost two hours was spent on doing the appraisal testing alone and a multipage report by Ouellet & Lynch was generated and will come with the gem along with the booklet certification from The University of Moscow. 

Full Lab Appraisal By Ouellet & Lynch, Chosen To Appraise the Gems Recovered From the Titanic. 

The classic, booklet-size certification was performed at the prestigious Gemological Department of The University of Moscow and makes a beautiful, reputable and authoritative presentation on this outstanding gem of notable size. The University of Moscow has the largest collection of gemological reference information/material on Demantoid Garnet in the world and they use state of the art equipment to make scientific determinations in great detail in both Russian and English on this treasured gem and Russian Demantoid remains the preferred origin of Demantoid Garnet due to superior color and attributes than demantoid mined at other origins. Russian Demantoid is still the standard by which all demantoid on earth is compared.

Clarity - VS, Horsetail Inclusion Visible At 10X Magnification, Eye Clean, Excellent. Top Fire, 100% Brilliance 

Measurements - Measurements are appraised as perfection for the cut and given out to serious buyers upon written request via email. This is a large gem cut to perfect angles for maximum dispersion and brilliance which is rated 100% 

Origin - Russian Ural Mountains

Ouellet & Lynch's full laboratory appraisal. They appraise colored gems for the Smithsonian's Traveling and home exhibits and appraised all of the gems recovered from the S.S. Titanic. This has an actual value appraisal not a guesstimate, or simply a jeweler looking through a loupe.

Ales Krivinek of Ravenstein Investment Gems, procured this gem for us along with other notable gems as part a larger purchase and mutual deal. He said the gem under full sunlight was, "amazing and exploded in pinpoints of colored light."

Horsetail inclusions are the birthmark of true Russian Demantoid. They add to the value of the gem but are not expected to be eye visible in top gems. Just a small horsetail inclusion, not eye visible unless viewed from below or with 10X magnification from the top actuallyadds value because it makes the gem easily identifiable as Russian Demantoid. 

The highest dispersion is in bright green gems are of type #4 color which should be an eye clean, bright green exhibiting a slight yellow hue (less than 10% yellow undertone.) These gems have gorgeous sparkle and multicolor flashes (surpassing diamond in dispersion) even in larger gems over 3 carats. 


Stunning flash in full sun. In lower light they are a beautiful green especially those with less than 10% yellow like this beauty. They will flash in any light diamond flashes.

The availability of these gems could end at any time due to numerous factors so we suggest you stock your stores now, or for those investing in larger gems Russian Demantoid has never gone down in price since introduced to America in the 1800’s by Tiffany & Co.’s Louis Comfort Tiffany. Mining has historically ceased for decades and another huge freeze in mining would make a very rare gem rarer and prices would soar. The current reality of possible tariffs on a gem already bogged with red tape during export from Russia combined with the fact they are even now very difficult and expensive to import, taxed and expensive to transport safely from Russia make gems of this quality on American soil a solid, secure and safe buy. 

They still use the same old mining equipment used decades ago for extracting these gems slowly. Almost all of the work is still done by hand, aided by old and outdated equipment. Their cutters are trained from an early age and gems are usually precision round brilliant of fine quality and on occasion cushion cut. 

This gem was viewed/evaluated for about 1 hour and 45 minutes in the lab. by Craig Lynch and the cut was rated excellent. All certifications will be included with purchase.

(Note Oullet & Lynch are hired by the Smithsonian for appraising  colored gems to be exhibited and/or used in special displays shared with other museums and they appraised all of the gems recovered from the Titanic after the vessel sank.) 

Craig A. Lynch G.G.

Accredited Senior Gemologist, Certified Insurance Appraiser

Certified Gemological Laboratory: 2007-2017
Accredited Gemologist Association Board of Directors: 2014-2017


  • Gems and Jewelry 206 Advanced Appraisal Class, Theory and Practical. American Society of Appraisers: 2006
  • Certified Insurance Appraiser, Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute, JCRS, Jewelry: 2005
  • Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP): 1995
  • Accredited Senior Gemologist: 1985-present
  • Continuing education conferences, Accredited Gemologist Association: 1985-present
  • Senior Member, American Society of Appraisers: 1989-90
  • Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America: 1983


  • Owner/Operator, Ouellet & Lynch: 1987-present
  • Company Appraiser, Store Manager, Buyer, Glennpeter Jewelers, Schenectady, New York: 1983-87
  • Management, corporate product knowledge training, Modern Merchandising, Salt Lake City, Utah: 1978-83