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SOLD 80.90 ct. Green Imperial Topaz, Rarest Topaz, Sherlovaya Gora, Zabaykalye, Siberia, Russia

SOLD 80.90 ct. Green Imperial Topaz, Rarest Topaz, Sherlovaya Gora, Zabaykalye, Siberia, Russia

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Topaz, 80.90 ct. Russian Imperial Green, the Flawless. Certified, Untreated!  Sherlovaya Gora, Zabaykalye, Siberia, Russia.

While the name,”Imperial Topaz,” once limited to the topaz from Russia only it now includes nearly any golden-pink topaz and was copyrighted for a pinkish-gold topaz. Most of the brand names gems are heated, and this gem from the Tsar’s Royal mines is not. It is not coated, heated, diffused, irradiated (like “London Blue,” and “Swiss Blue,”  which are Bright blue brought on by radiation (in nuclear reactors they turn them that color,) this is the real deal. Bright ice-mint green to golden green.

The cut it absolutely brilliant and was faceted in 2016 by a master European gem-cutter from rough which had been exported from Russia in the 1990’s. It produced one 80-carat, certified, flawless gem. 

This is not green quartz nor “prasiolite which along with that weird colored, coated, green crap which is 90% of what you will find online.

A once in a lifetime gem.

Prive is negotiable and pronenance (history) of gem and certification. It has a reliable, adventurous, intriguing history that starts at King Leopold’s mines in Siberia, now sealed.



Color shift is shown in photos of gem, ice-mint green evening/indoors and golden-green, (the color of natural green diamonds), in daylight/sun.

This exquisite, breathtaking gem was master, precision, hand-faceted in the Czech. Republic. It comes with a United States Private Lab Certification and provenance. GIA will be happily added to the list of certifications, but they do very little work with gems like untreated green topaz since they are almost never on the market and a top private investment lab has certified this gem using state of the art technology. We will happily have GIA certify the gem is untreated natural, earth mined green topaz.

No coupons or discounts, other than a current published sale price may be utilized on this gem. Buyer is responsible for shipping insurance which must be calculated and paid for after the sale price. No sales or coupons apply except the published price reduction if any and we have the right to pull the gem for any reason at any time until a sale is negotiated and completed. CERTIFICATION will arrive with the gem and may be viewed by serious buyers prior to sale. We will happily have additional certifications added at buyers expense prior to sale. Also included are letters outlining its exciting history, and other documentation from the original owner including it’s transport out of Russia via train in the 1990’s as rough by one of the most respected names in our industry. These “royal Mines,” are now sealed and in one of the harshest environments on earth. 

Color - This gem changes from golden-green in full sunlight (The color of a green diamond,) to a glowing, ice-mint green indoors; depending on the light source. Both colors are gorgeous. Appears indoors, and outdoors without full sun as a glowing, Ice Mint Green. This gem takes full advantage of even the most minimal light and seems to glow even in darker shaded conditions. 

Clarity - Gem is certified as Flawless and the cut is one of the finest I have ever seen with absolutely no windowing, or inferior facets. Perfect girdle for high end mounting. Cut by the finest gem cutter in the Czech Republic. Topaz are very hard to cut since a gem-cutter not familiar with the unique skills and knowledge to cut Topaz can shatter a very valuable gem in the process. They are however very hard gems at an 8 on the MOHS scale though they are only risk during cutting and splitting of the gem.

Getting gems out of Russia has been challenging throughout history especially from the old Royal Mines owned by the Czars and other the Government. Green Topaz were among the Russian Royal Gem Collection which were confiscated after the massacre of the Royal Family during the revolution. Also, Russian Imperial Topaz in Pink/Red, Blue And Golden Peach tones were the original, "Imperial Topaz," colors along with the extremely rare green. This gem is legal and was exported over a decade ago as rough. 

Read about history of this gem under, HISTORY below)

Enquiries Accepted,  Important Russian Imperial Green Topaz, Dichroic (Changes color in different light from mint green to golden green). One of the rarest gems on earth and the finest example of Imperial Green Topaz known to exist inside or outside the Russian Royal Jewels. This is believed to be the largest and finest green specimen currently known to exist. 

NOTES FROM PREVIOUS OWNER (Mine Owner, Laboratory Owner -

"Seller had only 3 pieces of this super rare gem ever. First time about 15 years ago, the largest of the two gems was approx. 25 carat and both sold to the, Japanese Royal Jewelers group (these people supply gems and jewelry to the emperor of Japan and his family). This piece is over 3x larger and the clarity is unreal, and the color far superior to the other two gems and any other green topaz we have seen.Absolutely untreated, guaranteed 100%."  

Color - Rare Imperial Green favored by the Czars of Russia and held within the royal gem collection prior to its dismantlement in early 1900's, some museum pieces from the collection in this color exist. Dichroic, changes from vivid ice mint green to golden-green which is known as, "Russian Imperial Green." There was also a "Russian Imperial Pink." This was long before Brazil started using the name "Imperial to describe golden, pinkish red topaz (often heated) as a brand name for their material. The Russian Czars and Czarinas favored these colored topaz hence the name, "Imperial." When pinkish material was discovered in Brazil the name was integrated as a trade name for pinkish topaz but the green topaz (the rarest color of untreated topaz) is true, Imperial Topaz, as per its original usage of the name.

Treatment - None. No heat, No radiation, No filling, No coating, No dyes. 100% natural earth mined in the Royal Mines of Russia, Ural Mountains, Siberia . 

Cut - Perfect, Modified Octagon, master hand-cut in Czech. Republic by an award-winning cutter who is among the best I have ever seen for large, rare gems that require special cutting skills like topaz. Luster, cut, size, clarity, rarity and cut are off the chart. Few humans could have even cut this gem into such elaborate and precision faceting. 

Clarity - Flawless

Size - 80.90 carats

History of the, "Ekaterina," Green Topaz - “This topaz was brought from Russia in 1992. Back then it was easy to take gems out of Russia, especially rough. I worked with two guys from the Czech Republic who lived in Russia and they specialized in gathering and basically smuggling gem rough (primarily demontoid garnet) out of Russia over to Ukraine, Slovakia into the Czech Republic and from there were sold to Germany, USA, etc...”

"NOTE by owner of Old Virginia Gem Co. -This gem was purchased to fashion a pearl enhancer for the daughter of entertainer Jerry Lee Lewis but she chose a small gem." 

(Continued below by original owner and please note key below.) - 

****** = omitted for security and privacy issues.
*( TEXT )* = added to original letter. )

This piece was actually in my stock and a decision was made to have it cut just last year *(2017)*. My cutter ****** did the cutting back in the ********** and then the gem was exported with other stones over to our stock in the USA. The stone was originally checked and approved by ******** ****** who worked as ********** gemologist for many years. He helped to certify most gems being smuggled (******** ** **** ******* ****** *********) out of Russia to rest of Europe.”

“We had only 2 pieces, a much smaller (but still very big) green Topaz was faceted about 12-15 years ago. The smaller gem was around 25ct if I remember correctly and it was purchased by the Japanese Royal Jewelers group. Those were about 5 guys and they told me they search the market for rare and unusual gems and they supply the Emperor of Japan, his family. They made jewelry out of most of these gems. Not sure what the Japanese Royal Jewelers did with their two lesser pieces but they were amazing gems and most likely used in royal gems.”

Note by Zeke Loftin - Getting gems out of Russia during this period was at great risk during the turbulent  political climate of Russia during this time and could result in imprisonment, or worse. There was, and has been, limited mining in Russia making the superior gems of the region continue to gain in desirability and value.

“I have issued certification including the name of the original mine region (Sherlovaya Gora, Zabaykalye, Siberia, Russia). Several more topazes were purchased at those times and smuggled with Demantoid and Chrome Diopside by the freight train between 1992 and 1995 there were several containers of gem rough taken from Russia over to the Czech Republic and from there further to Western Europe and the USA. Many metric tons of chrome diopside were transported and thousands of pieces of demantoid, topaz, aquamarine and other gems. One of those two guys died in Russia some 10 years ago.”

Mounting Notes - Full certs will be sent with the gem. and while we expect someone wanting this gem mounted in a Red Carpet quality necklace we have accumulated one of the rarest gems on earth to be considered as an accent gem with diamonds and South Sea or Tahitian pearls of the finest quality. We have one gorgeous green Russian topaz that is a close match for the color of the Ekaterina and could be cut into earrings for the buyer to match the Ekaterina as closely as possible. The Ekaterina may never have perfectly matched accent pieces the quality is at the pinnacle, but we have one large gem which is visually close enough for a large ring, or to be cut into earrings that will look exquisite with the Ekaterina.

This is a priceless gem and any pricing we add is just a random amount because these gems have only made it into the auction/market during the Tiffany's sale in the early 1900's and have never been seen, or photographed, since.

Mounting this gem should only be done by a top master jeweler familiar with working with very rare gems and topaz. It is a very hard gem but improper use of heat, oils or lacking the special knowledge required to work with topaz of this size and value could be tragic. We will provide all scientific information we have on the gem to the jeweler of your choice. 
****** = omitted for security and privacy issues.
*( TEXT )* = added to original letter.


Shipping & Returns

Welcome to our store! 

Here is the deal in a nutshell:


If you are unhappy with any gem you have 3 working days to notify us and a full 14 calendar days from the time you receive it based on the shipping companies tracking information, which we send you the day we ship, to return the item. Email us immediately as outlined below (from the email you gave us,) and carefully repack the item(s) and ship back postmarked within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to:

IMPORTANT- Do Not Use Our Company Name It Contains The Word GEM and is an invitation for theft. Use our owners name:

Zeke Loftin

1121 Harrison St.

Lynchburg, VA. 24504

Our phone number is (936) 402-0320 and should be given to USPS when you ship. We do not reimburse shipping costs. We suggest you insure the item if it is expensive or you have had problems with USPS. You may use FedEx for returns but we prefer USPS they have never lost an item we have shipped. 

Your 14 days begins on the day the item is delivered based on carrier tracking information. If you are about to go on vacation etc. you should wait until you get back. Any exceptions on the 14 day rule are at our discretion. Usually that allowance is made for return customers at our discretion.

If anything goes wrong email us immediately.. We are reasonable people and we try and work with our customers, but assume our policies are firm. 

Most of our customers are return customers amd that tells us a lot about our service. We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). 

Please email us at if you are unhappy for any reason and wish to make a return and state your name, shipping address and reason for the return and the carat weight amd type of gem you are returning. It is as simple as that.

We want you to be happy and love your purchase. We do not accept returns on custom jewelry unless we have misrepresented the metals and gems used. That is very unlikely our jeweler is one of the finest in Virginia. 

Phone calls are not accepted, nor voicemail for returns except to answer questions etc. By using email we both have a record of the date of contact. 

If you have general questions you can email or call us 9am to 5pm EST.

We have been dealing with miners, mine owners, gem cutters and agents globally for years, or decades. When we buy parcels we randomly send items from the parcel to GIA which is called, “batch testing,” to ensure you don’t get fake or treated gemstones. 

 Just please understand that images are highly magnified to enable you to view every detail. You may be looking at a 1 carat gem the size of a softball or larger on a Mac or PC and as big as a golfball on your phone. Tiny inclusions not visible to the human eye will show up in a heavily magnified photograph and we use high definition camera equipment. Even gems smaller than 1 carat are heavily magnified so you can see the actual gem you are buying.

If it says, "eye clean," then any inclusions are not visible to the human eye under normal wear. If it says VS or VVS it is super clean. We rarely use Flawless or IF (Internally Flawless,) even if we feel they are. We try to be conservative on clarity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and I will answer as quickly as possible.

Emeralds, Rubellite Tourmaline, Ruby are examples of Type 3 gems that are expected to have eye visible inclusions which will not detract from the value if they are not ugly to the eye. We buy Type 3 gems with as few inclusions as possible.

Blue spinel, Mehenge Garnet, Malaya Garnet are Type 2 Gems and are expected to have some inclusions but not many if any are eye visible. Most of our material in spinels VS+ so exceeds the average gem quality for type 2 Gems

Most diamonds people buy are SI meaning slightly included. Most of our gems are less included than the average diamond. We strive to find the cleanest stones possible for the type gem being considered. Most of our gems are VS to VVS, unless Type 2-3. Even many of our type 2 and 3 are eye clean except emerald which always has inclusions unless ridiculously expensive. 

High-quality (bespoke) custom jewelry services are also available. We provide custom mounting on almost all of the gems on our site and do custom wedding and engagement rings, by appointment only locally and working via phone, computer and email for non-local customers worldwide. We can save you dramatic amounts of money on custom jewelry, mounting and wedding sets.We have access to good deals on all qualities of diamonds as main stones and/or accent stones.

Coupons/Discounts and Offers

Coupons may be used on most of the items in our store including many items which are currently discounted. Some items may not be purchased using coupons or any other discounts other than discounts published as a sale price. These items are generally labeled as unavailable with additional discounts other than offers and in the event we fail to mark a gem due to an error on our part as unavailable for coupon use (which would be rare,) we reserve the right to refuse sale of that gem with any discounts other than published discount in the pricing area. Free shipping is not refunded on discretionary returns the product unless grossly misrepresented, damaged (with insurance, paid by customer,) or wrong product is not refundable unless we agree to waive this for established customers prior to sale. This means you may return a gem that is accurately described and listed but the free shipping is at your expense. We can’t afford to send gems on approval unless you have a history of buying from us. 

These items are usually one of a kind, gems from exhausted mines, gems mounted in heavy precious metals ( Due to metal price index going up or down), historical items or items of extreme rarity. Russian gems are usually not available for any type of discount other than direct offer. When you male an offer for an item via email (which is the only acceptable format), you make an agreement to purchase a gem for a specific price between yourself and us, (Old Virginia Gem Co.) and no additional discounts are allowed. If your offer is accepted we will keep that price available to you for 24 hours unless you request additional time in writing, (email is fine) and you receive a confirmation that we will extend the period beyond the 24 hour window. We reserve the right to cancel an offer at any time, for any reason at our discretion.

Restocking delivered estate pieces costs us a lot of money since we must check for diamonds and gems being replaced by scammers that predate our industry for your protection. Or, we spend days and days packing, communicating with, and trying to ship an item a customer refuses to accept due to buyers remorse. Don't buy what you can't comfortably afford. 

Our industry is predated by scammers and thieves and we protect ourselves to the maximum degree up to and including criminal prosecution for mail fraud, removing/replacing stones, scam insurance claims and other criminal acts used to defraud us of money and product. In legitimate insurance claims we will work diligently to help get the claim processed as quickly as possible. All of our gems either are or can be GIA tested prior to shipping so we suggest you use this service even though all of our products are viewed by at least one GIA Graduate Gemologist, full lab results are not obtained on all of our gems. We know our suppliers and if in doubt we select random gems from a lot and test at GIA and also random check diamonds in estate pieces. 




Shipping Damage 

We want you to be happy and confidant in buying from Old Virginia Gem Co. . All merchandise that arrives damaged should be handled via insurance should you select to purchase it. We pack very well and have never lost a gem/jewel yet.. On custom mounted work that you sign off on, we do not do returns. In the event you are returning any gem you negotiated special pricing on their will be a 10% restocking fee if returned with our guidelines above. Special pricing is pricing was given below sale price, coupons were used on already sale priced items or custom/altered/sized/estate items.

We will not rebate shipping overseas or any other shipping unless the gem was grossly not as described, not the item in photo, lab (GIA only) states gem was treated, fake, manmade and that fact was not disclosed in the description.  Standard industry heat is not a reason to return an item unless we stated the gem was unheated on sapphire, tourmaline, ruby, emerald, whereas 95%+ of all gems in that class are heated.  If we mark them as unheated they should be, but on tourmaline and zircon, ametrine expect them to be heated unless LISTED AS UNHEATED. 

If your gem is not the gem identified in photos on listing and/or the wrong product was sent in error we will ship the correct product at our expense. (Buyers remorse is not a reason for return, buy only what you can comfortably afford, for your sake.) If we made a mistake we eat the shipping charges. 

 NO refunds will be made or initiated until the product is safely returned and undamaged. Notification of return must be given within 3 days of receipt of item, no exceptions. If you refuse shipment you are not entitled to a credit and inability to cooperate on delivery of your item will void all returns.  If you buy and refuse delivery no refunds will be made and you have 60 days to arrange a professional carrier to pick up your item Tues. thru Thurs. 10-5 EST to pick up your item at your expense and we will not rebate money for shipping attempts we made in good faith nor ship the items again.

We do not make refunds on any Estate Items containing diamonds period. We provide high resolution photos look at them carefully and we have had our diamonds viewed by gemologists and often GIA certs are done and are always available at your request and expense.

 Travel and unavailability are not our responsibility have a family member, trusted friend available to sign and notify carrier of such or we will hold item but the clock on the 14 day return for loss gems will be running.


Ship carefully packaged returns, insurance recommended but your choice to:

Old Virginia Gem Co

c/o Zeke Loftin, President 

1121 Harrison St.

Lynchburg, VA. 24504

We provide excellent photos and are here to answer any questions you may have about the item before purchase. We will happily have any item GIA certified prior to purchase at buyers expense.

Carat weight on estate jewelry has to be estimated using mathematical formulas for similar size gems and we try to err in favor of our customers. We do not guarantee exact carat weight. Also scales vary and we try and get as close as possible with carat weight on our gems. Sometimes gems like welo opal take in moisture naturally and they may weight slightly more or less depending on humidity levels. 


Buyer is responsible for insurance so we do not make refunds on uninsured items lost in shipping. While this is very rare and to date (3-5-2022) ) we have had nothing lost or damaged in shipping it is always possible. Insure your item especially if it is expensive. We will assist in any way reasonable with an insurance claim but in no way will be held responsible for items damaged or lost by any postal service or courier.

To return an item you must contact us via email at and give us the reason for return and we will arrange for full refund if all policies are followed. If questions call during business hours (9AM to 5PM EST (New York Time Zone), 7 days a week. Or email

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable unless we ship the wrong item to you in which case we would of course cover return shipping. You should insure your return package as you are responsible for that item and its safe return to us. 

Damaged Merchandise 

If your merchandise arrives damaged in any way, it must be investigated by the carrier for your insurance claim. Please make sure to keep all packing materials "as is" when submitting for inspection. You should include a copy of the inspection by the carrier before returning the item. Do not return damaged items to us without first consulting us so we may comply with your carriers insurance requirements to help you get refunded. It is your responsibility to deal with your insurance claim but we will help in any way we are reasonably able. We do not automatically provide insurance it must be requested and it will incur an additional charge as per the price we must pay the carrier. Insurance is never included free even on Free Shipping items. 

Should you receive the wrong item, it should be returned to us in its original condition, so please handle it carefully and do not remove any tags. We will make every effort to get you the correct item and we will cover the shipping charges you incur. We will send you a shipping label to return upon request. No additional shipping charges other than insurance, if you request it in writing (email) will be charged to you. We reserve the right to restrict the purchasing privileges of anyone who abuses our return policy or has an unacceptable cancellation rate.

If you have requested that an item be altered or custom mounted it is not able to be returned. 

This includes: custom orders, stone mountings, sizing (see exclusions below) and any other product alterations made at your request. There is NOT a restocking fee for items that are returned as they were offered for sale and were not altered unless they contain additional precious stones. 

Ladies rings sized below 5 and above a 9 and men's rings that are sized above a 12 may not be returned.

Credit for Returned Merchandise

We make every effort to issue refunds in a timely manner. Much of our merchandise, however, is comprised of one-of-a kind items, and each gem is unique in terms of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Due to inspection processes that may be required, it may take our company 3 days to inspect returns and we CAN NOT CONTROL how quickly your bank or a third party payment processor like Pay Pal returns (processes,) your refund. If we had to pay Pay Pal or credit card fees  they will be deducted from refund. We may waive this for return customers at our discretion. 


In order to place an order on our website, a user must first complete the registration form which occurs during the purchasing process. During registration a user is required to give their contact information (such as name, address, phone and email address). This information is used to contact the customer about our services or your order on line.

Errors & Omissions

Due to our efforts to keep new and different products on our website, items may display in an incomplete manner. Descriptions may be cut short. Should you purchase an incomplete item, you will be contacted and the correction will be made. Old Virginia Gem Co. in no way is responsible for honoring incomplete items or pricing discrepancies and expects its quality customers to be understanding of its policy. You reserve the right to cancel the item upon correction if it no longer is desired. Chateau Peridot reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason.

Gift Certificate Agreement

The policies set forth in this agreement govern the use of Old Virginia Gem Co's Gift Cetificate Program.

- Customers may purchase gift cards with the same payment options accepted by Old Virginia Gem Co. for merchandise purchases.

- Gift Certificates expire within one year of purchase date - Additional monies may not be added to a Gift Certificate once purchased.

- Gift Certificates are non-returnable and non-refundable.

- Gift Certificate Holders must register as an Old Virginia Gem Co. customer before card may be used.

- Multiple cards may be used for single purchases.

- Gift Certificates may NOT be redeemed for cash.

- Gift Certificates remain inactive until payment has cleared.

- Items returned that were purchased via a Gift Certficate may be exchanged for merchandise or store credit ONLY.

- Gift Certifcates may not be drop-shipped to other parties. The purchaser must take delivery.

Insured items may not be refunded until the insurance payment clears. Any information needed from the customer to be reimbursed by insurance will result in no refund if the carrier refuses to pay for any reason resulting from us not being able to get reimbursement due to lack of cooperation by the customer. 

It is the customers responsibility in helping us in any reasonable way for us to get reimbursement on the insured item(s)

We will always attempt to get insurance reimbursements that are legitimate and we expect mutual cooperation in obtaining this goal in the rare chance we have a claim.

Call us at 936-402-0320 or email if you have questions about return policies or problems with a return.


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