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Pigeon Blood VVS Rubellite Tourmaline
Pigeon Blood VVS Rubellite Tourmaline rarest red tourmaline
Mozambique Rubellite dead ringer for ruby. natural rubellite untreated and rare due to VVS clarity in "Type III" gem
gorgeous rubellite pear shape Pigeon's blood red, top clarity, untreated.

SOLD 4.88 ct. VVS Rubellite Tourmaline, 4.88 ct. VVS, Pear, Mozambique, Pinkish Red

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Rubellite Tourmaline, 4.88 ct. VVS, Pear, Mozambique, Pinkish Red

Type - Rubellite Tourmaline RARE VVS Clarity

Color - Exact color of a fine ruby, a gorgeous purplish-pink/red the color of fine Mozambique ruby.

Shape - Pear

Cut - Brilliant Pear Cut

Weight - 4.88 carat

Size - 13.84 x 9.48 x 6.57 mm

Clarity - VVS Note - This is a type III Gem like emerald and inclusions are usually expected. However, very rarely we get a truly eye clean gem like this one which makes it very rare. EYE CLEAN! Yet it has no brown tone,  (which though an untrained eye can not detect GIA will exclude it from being labeled, “Rubellite,” on the certification  and simply label it Red Tourmaline on the certification meaning a 2500.00 a carat gem, in your mind, is actually (at most,) a 200.00 a carat gem. Lesser labs may fudge/ignore this fact but GIA will not. This gem has no brown tones making it a very rare VVS clarity Type III gem suitable for jewelry or high-end collections of great rarity. 

Luster - Excellent

Origin - Mozambique

Treatment - No treatment of any kind. 

MOHS - Rubellite Tourmaline 7.5 on MOHS scale

Notes - This Gem is a dead ringer for ruby at a fraction of the price. Rubellite of this clarity is rarely found and this is the cleanest Rubellite we have ever had in stock. This is also a top color matching very, very closely to the finest rubies selling for easily 25,000.00 a carat.