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Marlborough Green, Australian Apple Green Chrysoprase
Marlborough Green, Australian Apple Green Chalcedony / Chrysoprase
Marlborough Green, Australian Apple Green Chalcedony / Chrysoprase
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Marlborough Green, Australian Apple Green Chalcedony / Chrysoprase
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Australian Green Chalcedony

1.92 ct. Marlborough Green, Australia Chrysoprase, 1.92 ct. Top Color, Exquisite, Finest Quality In Real Marlborough Mine No Longer Produces

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TOP Imperial Jadeite Like Quality Imperial Marlborough Green, Australian Chrysoprase, 1.92 ct.

Gem Type - Chrysoprase sometimes called greeem chalcedony but many named that have turned out to be dyed and fake gems. 

Shape - Round cabochon, Top USA award-winning cutter added slightly beveled base for easy mounting.

Weight - 1.92 carat

Size - 7.3 X 4.6 mm

Color - Finest Imperial Green, looks like finest Imperial Jadeite. We have tried to photograph our gems in low to high light.  

In House Rating - AAA+

Clarity - Very NiceTransluceny, no visible inclusions unless notated, see back lit photo for clarity example. 

Luster - Exceptional, Jadeite Quality polish by our skilled cutters. 

Origin -  Marlborough, Australia Mine was exhausted by high-end jewelry companies and the vintage green chrysoprase in their mountings have gone sky-high in price. Rough from Australia used in these cabochons and cuts had been vaulted since 1973. Van Cleef & Arpels produced pieces into the million dollar range but no more of this material can be mined just collector rough remains and we purchased the original mine owners stock vaulted since 1973. Vam Cleef has often used lesser quality green chrysoprase (in my opinion,) which usually sell for 16,000.00 up to over 50,000.00 ised and soubrette that new in the lesser origin gems that are now all that can be mined. 
Treatment - None, all custom cut by our top cutters from rough vaulted in 1973.

Hardness - 7 on MOHS scale

Notes - Marlborough green chalcedony / chrysoprase was wiped out by the high-end jewelry industry and China who wanted the gem because of its remarkable look-alike to top Imperial Jadeite collectors in the 1970s’ In it’s finest form such as our top pieces it is a dead ringer for the highest-end jadeite (Imperial to Apple Green) hardness is excellent  and pieces of this hem in vintage jewelry even with conservative amounts of the chalcedony and no diamonds, set in platinum or gold with single cabs in this top color and translucency are quite expensive even in a non-designer piece and a great investment gem. Our gems are from our rough and cut by award winning American gem-cutters. No mass production the material is simply not available.  We will happily GIA test any gem for you and we batch test our rough with GIA and private labs for rarer pieces.