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most expensive topaz
Important Russian Imperial Green Topaz, Dichroic
Rarest color of topaz. Russian Imperial Green.
Russian Imperial Green Topaz with Green Beryl in museum.
Russian crown jewels, Russian Imperial Green Topaz
dichroic topaz

80.90 ct. Russian Imperial Green Topaz, Flawless. Certified, Untreated!

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80.90 ct. Russian Imperial Green Topaz, Flawless. Certified, Untreated!

Master-hand faceted in Czech. Republic, Lab Certified

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Dichroic is another name for color change, or two color. This gem changes from golden-green (frequently seen i green diamonds,) to glowing, ice-mint green; depending on light source. Both colors are gorgeous. Appears indoors most often as an, Ice Mint Green.

(Read about history of this gem under, HISTORY below)

Enquiries Accepted,  Important Russian Imperial Green Topaz, Dichroic (Changes color in different light from mint green to golden green). One of the rarest gems on earth and the finest example of Imperial Green Topaz known to exist outside the Russian Royal Jewels. This may be the largest and finest dicrhoic green specimen currently known to exist. Museum enquiries welcome. Gem can be mounted as pendant/enhancer for large pearl strands, or clip onto riviera style, diamond necklaces.

NOTES FROM PREVIOUS OWNER (Mine Owner, Laboratory Owner -

"Seller had only 3 pieces of this super rare gem ever. First time about 15 years ago, the largest of the two gems was approx. 25 carat and both sold to the, Japanese Royal Jewelers group (these people supply gems and jewelry to the emperor of Japan and his family). This piece is nearly 4x bigger and the clarity is unreal so is the color. Absolutely untreated, guaranteed 100%."  

Color - Rare Imperial Green favored by the Czars of Russia and held within the royal gem collection prior to its dismantlement in early 1900's, some museum pieces from the collection in this color exist. Dichroic, changes from vivid ice mint green to golden-green which is known as, "Russian Imperial Green." There was also a "Russian Imperial Pink." This was long before Brazil started using the name "Imperial to describe golden, pinkish red topaz (often heated) as a brand name for their material. The Russian Czars and Czarinas favored these colored topaz hence the name, "Imperial." When pinkish material was discovered in Brazil the name was integrated as a trade name for pinkish topaz but the green topaz (the rarest color of untreated topaz) is true, Imperial Topaz, as per its original usage of the name. This topaz favored and mined for by the Russian Royal Family and examples (some now missing, since the early 1900's after the Royal family was executed but were housed within the Crown Jewels. This topaz came from the Russian Imperial mines in the Ural Mountains, Siberia now almost all guarded, closed and sealed and not apt to be reopened.

Treatment - None. No heat, No radiation, No filling, No coating, No dyes. 100% natural earth mined in the Royal Mines of Russia . 

Cut - Modified Octagon, master hand-cut in Czech. Republic by an award-winning cutter who is among the best I have ever seen for large, rare gems that require special cutting skills like topaz. Luster, cut, size, clarity, rarity and cut is off the chart

Clarity - Flawless

Size - 80.90 carats

History of the, "Ekaterina," Green Topaz - This topaz was brought from Russia in 1992. Back then it was easy to take gems out of Russia, especially rough. I worked with two guys from the Czech Republic who lived in Russia and they specialized in gathering and basically smuggling gem rough out of Russia over to Ukraine and Slovakia into the Czech Republic and from there we sold to Germany, USA, etc...

"NOTE by owner of Old Virginia Gem Co. - This gem was purchased to fashion a pearl enhancer for the daughter of entertainer Jerry Lee Lewis but she chose a smaller emerald." 

(Continued below by previous owner and please note key below.) - 

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This piece was actually in my stock and a decision was made to have it cut just last year *(2017)*. My cutter ****** did the cutting back in the ********** and then the gem was exported with other stones over to our stock in the USA. The stone was originally checked and approved by ******** ****** who worked as ********** gemologist for many years. He helped to certify most gems being smuggled (******** ** **** ******* ****** *********) out of Russia to rest of Europe. 

We had only 2 pieces, a much smaller (but still very big) green Topaz was faceted about 12-15 years ago. The smaller gem was around 25ct if I remember correctly and it was purchased by the Japanese Royal Jewelers group. Those were about 5 guys and they told me they search the market for rare and unusual gems and they supply the Emperor of Japan, his family. They made jewelry out of most of these gems. Not sure what they did with this 2nd green Topaz.

Ihave issued certification including the name of the original mine region (Sherlovaya Gora, Zabaykalye, Siberia, Russia). Several more topazes were purchased at those times and smuggled with Demantoid and Chrome Diopside by the freight train. Between 1992 and 1995 there were several containers of gem rough taken from Russia over to the Czech Republic and from there further to Western Europe and the USA. Many metric tons of chrome diopside were transported and thousands of pieces of demantoid, topaz, aquamarine and other gems. One of those two guys died in Russia some 10 years ago.

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