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Pawn Piece Pawn Jewelry Native American JEWELRY
Historic Navajo Turquoise and Silver Jewelry Set for Sale 1920's - 1930's Pawn Pieces.
Rare Antique Turquoise and Silver Navajo Cuff Bracelet and Necklace By Fred Guerro. His finest work.
Navajo Antique "Pawn" Silver and Turquoise Necklace - Cuff Bracelet
Rare Native American Navajo Pawn Piece Turquoise Silver
Navajo Antique "Pawn" Silver and Turquoise Necklace - Cuff Bracelet
Historic Navajo Jewelry Set for sale by Legendary Artist Fred Guerro.
Native American Museum Piece

Navajo Antique "Pawn" Silver and Turquoise Necklace - Cuff Bracelet

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Navajo Antique "Pawn" Silver and Turquoise Necklace - Cuff Bracelet


Museum Quality by top Navajo Designer Fred Guerro
1920's or early 1930's 
Necklace 18"
Excellent workmanship
Owned by legendary Navajo Silversmith Guerro whose name is engraved on the back 
The Navajo silversmith's used Pawn Shops like banks in the early to mid twentieth century, hence the term, "pawn piece." They kept their finest pieces for this purpose and rarely sold them. This set was somehow tragically lost and reemerged decades later at a pawn shop in Northern Mississippi. 

VERY, high quality, large, turquoise cabochons are set into hand worked silver obtained by melting down old silver American coins.
This piece is signed marked (hand engraved with engraving tool) by listed artist, Fred Guerro and is by far his finest, most masterful work.  This piece is an important transition in the quality of Navajo silversmithing who preceded the Zuni in this craft. Made at the peak of Guerro's talent before a tragic life ensued due to health issues; reportedly caused by alcoholism. 

  • This is a museum-quality set, and an important part of Navajo silversmithing history. Rarely are matching pieces this old still together which increases the value significantly. Great effort was made to make the necklace lay completely flat on the neck and it wears beautifully and comfortably even in this size from every angle. Try on lesser pieces and you will see and feel why this makes such a huge difference.
  • This piece has appraised as high as 24,888.00 and a low appraisal of 18,900.00. We will happily have a new appraisal completed before you buy the set (at your expense,) at L. Oppelman. They are the oldest pawn shop in America, located in Historic downtown, Lynchburg, VA. and have both extensive knowledge of vintage jewelry and GIA graduate gemologists on staff. They are capable of making accurate appraisals on rare and unusual pieces. This is a World Class piece of jewelry priced well below the actual worth based on the significance of important jewelry which we are reluctant but resigned to sell.