Russian Demantoid Garnet Parcels Being Listed at 650.00 Per Carat Or Less. Prices Drop When You Buy Multiple Parcels. These Parcels Are 1 Ct. Total Weight. Gems Are .30 ct. Minimum to .49 ct. Top Fire, Eye Clean, Round, Slightly-Yellow, Medium Bright Green. Large Sizes Over 10+ Carats Available On Request.

Malaya Garnet, 6.1 ct. Pyralspite, Color Shift, Trillion
Garnet, Malaya aka Malaia Color Change
Malaia Garnet, Pinkish-Red To Orange Tone Color Shift, 6.1 ct.
Malaya Garnet, East Africa, 6 carat
Malaya Garnet, 6.1 ct. Pyralspite, Color-Shift, Master Cut in USA, Trillion, Calibrated, Malaia

Pyralspite Garnet, 6.1 ct., Color-Shift, Flawless, Cut in USA, Trillion, Calibrated,

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Pyralspite Garnet, 6.1 ct., Color-Shift, Flawless, Cut in USA, Trillion, Calibrated, 

Gem Type - Pyralspite Garnet

Shape - Trillion

Clarity - Flawless

Weight - 6.1 carat

Size - 12mm x 12mm

Color - Color-Shift, Pinkish-Red to Pinkish-Orange Tones

Luster - Excellent

Origin - East Africa

Treatment - None

Hardness - 7-7.5 mohs

Notes - This gem is just coming in from our cutters. Precision, master cut Over 6 carats, 12mm by 12mm. Cut from our vaulted rough. This garnet is extremely rare and very little of this rough is even available. It is now illegal to import Pyralspite rough from Africa. This is an artisan jeweler, or rare gem collector’s dream. We offer deals to the trade, museums and universities. brownish hued garnet has little value and this gem has no unwanted brown hues or secondary color.

price per ct. 313.11