John Dyer Cut Gems

Chateau Peridot is a Dealer of John Dyer Gems

John often signs his gems with his logo and it will be indicated if the gem has the logo micro-engraved in the gem. All cut names are copyrighted by John Dyer and/or his corporation or entities. 

We are thrilled to be able to work with multi-award winning Gem Cutter, John Dyer. John is an American cutter who is known internationally as one of the most talented and respected cutters on the planet.

See our special guarantee on John Dyer Gems at the end of the awards list. This is the highest level of guarantee we have ever offered.

John allows us to not only purchase gems to sell but allows us access to some of the finest gems in his collection. We are allowed to apply our discounts to his gems which allows you to gain deeper discounts than is normal for a retail customer. 

Awards -  (John Dyer often "sweeps," all three prizes in a category and has been winning awards since 2002, so we will not even attempt to list them all here, but here are some of the latest).

(2016 - Summer) AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

1st Place in the Innovative Faceting category, Bolivian Ametrine, Starbrite Cut

2nd Place in the Innovative faceting category, Morganite, Deep Concave Cushion Cut (Gem is 175.37 cts and named Mozambique Sunset)

3rd Place in the Innovative faceting category, "New Era," Tanzanite 120.98 cts

2nd Place in the Carving category, Natural Color Aquamarine, (Gem is the 53.63 ct, Sydney Symphony)

1st Place in the Other Faceted category, Fine Imperial Topaz, multi-faceted cushion cut 21.96 ct

(2015) Idar-Oberstein 

1st Place German Award , Idar-Oberstein, Professional category, "Internal Flame," cut in Citrine 88.17 ct

Received the GEMMY Award  from Lapidary Journal for "Big Blue," a freeform gem sculpture weighing 364.65 its in blue topaz. Rough mined in Brazil.

(2015) AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

1st Place in the Innovative Faceting category, Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline, StarBrite style cut, 63.19 cts 

2nd Place in the Innovative faceting category, "Nebula," cut in 67.92 ct Bolivian Ametrine

3rd Place in the Innovative faceting category, StarBrite cut, 19.43 ct "Royal Velvet," tanzanite.

He has been winning awards since 2002 so too many to go into here. 

We have primarily reserved his gems for our retail customers so that they may enjoy a world class pice of gemological art. Wholesalers may inquire for orders over 15,000.00. We stand behind any John Dyer gem we sell 100% and we extend our warranty to 30 days provided you notify us of any problems with the gem within 48 hours of receipt. All treatments and gemogical descriptions are guaranteed accurate and if you send any John Dyer gem to GIA (report must be back within the 30 day warranty period, you may ask for extra days if needed at our discretion, if GIA is running behind) we will buy back the gem and refund your shipping costs if the gem is not what we say it is (type), has been subjected to any treatment not listed other than simple heat, if gems are marked unheated they are unheated and if not marked unheated may or may not be unheated. Deep Blue topaz is always an irradiated gem whether listed as such or not. This meets with industry standards and expectations. This is our highest level of guarantee and applies to all John Dyer gems purchased through Chateau Peridot.

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