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5.00 Ct. Perfect, Parrot Green Peridot Himalayan Gorgeous. Near Flawless
5.00 Carat Perfect, Parrot Green High Himalayan Peridot, Pakistan VVS+
Gemmy 5 ct. Parrot Green Peridot

5.00 ct Perfect, Parrot Green Peridot, Pakistan VVS+

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5.00 ct.  Perfect, Parrot Green Peridot, Pakistan VVS+

Gem Type - Peridot

Shape - Cut - Roval - Rounded oval Recut in the United States

Weight - 5.00 carats

Size - 10mm x 10.5mm x 7mm

Color - Parrot Green

Clarity - VVS+

Luster - Excellent

Origin - Pakistan High Himalayan

Treatment - None

Hardness - 6.5-7 mohs

Rarity - Rare

Notes - Notes What makes this gem special - Mined in extremely hard conditions in the most remote mine in the world. The absolute top color, super intense and near flawless clarity.