We specialize in very rare, untreated (unless disclosed,) earth-mined gemstones with exceptional color, cut and clarity. Offers accepted on gems/jewelry via email or text

Rarest Gems Not Sold Today. Museum quality rarity and Unique and many one of a kind.

SEE ACTUAL LISTINGS FOR PRICE ETC. OUR RAREST GEMS Not yet Sold. Museum quality rarity, Unique and many are one-of-a-kind. See actual listings search gem on this site. You may  make offers and as you’ll see they are only going up in price and quality is exquisite and some the world’s finest known examples of many of these gems especially with situations with Burma, and hundreds of thousands of fakes flooding major selling platforms.  Most of our gems are already certified by top laboratories and are from our longtime suppliers who own or work direct for mines or broker for top mines. We also buy bulk purchases amd employ top master gem cutters to cut our gem rough. 

Though gems in this collection do not have full descriptions you may search for them in TOP GEMS collection or in search bar   Great investments which will not decrease in value. All gems more rare than diamond and some Over 50,000 times more rare. Warning -MANY OF THESE GEMS ARE BEING FAKED ON MAJOR SELLING PLATFORMS and WE ARE KNOWN FOR CURATING SOME OF THE TOP GEMS ON THE GLOBAL MARKET. 

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