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Blue Spinel, 5.06 ct. Peacock Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut Rare peacock (deep lagoon) blue spinel Ceylon.

SOLD 5.06 ct. Teal Blue Spinel, Rare Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut, GIA Certified.

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ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! 5.06 ct. Blue Spinel, Rare Peacock/Teal Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut. Sale Prices Are Valid On This Page, If Any. We guarantee the authenticity of this gem as natural earth mined, untreated spinel. 

Gem Type - Spinel

Shape - Cushion Cut with no excess belly weight.

Weight - 5.06 carat

Size - 11.42 x 9.57 x 5.81

Color - Peacock (Teal/Blue Green) Blue

Clarity - VVS

Luster - Excellent

Origin - Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Treatment - No Treatment of any kind

Hardness - 7.5-8 mohs

Notes - Teal colored spinel a.k.a. Peacock spinel are very rare. Especially in sizes over one carat and untreated in any way. 

Fine Sri Lankan (formerly called “Ceylon,”) Material

Benchmark stone over 5 carats

This is a top collector and artisan jeweler gem.

Gorgeous hue some color shift leaning from sapphire to teal blue depending on light. This color is becoming rarer each year and I doubt if it stays available on the world market except for fakes which have exploded within the spinel market due to the major increase in price and popularity of spinel as an engagement ring gem. Also this color and large size are popular in men’s rings.