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Pigeon blood red rubellite, top quality. GIA Certified
Full GIA certification, untreated rubellite tourmaline.
Fine rubellite is an investment quality gem. GIA Certified
Do not let lesser sellers pawn off red and pink tourmaline as rubellite.
Real rubellite tourmaline. GIA Certified
As gorgeous as ruby.
Rubellite Tourmaline, Vivid Neon Pink, Cushion Cut
Rubellite tourmaline is a type 3 gem like emerald and inclusions are not only accepted but expected. GIA Certified
Get a GIA lab cert on your rubellite. Do not trust all labs many will bend rules for mass orders. GIA Certified
Rubellite should always look like fine ruby.
This is one of the finest rubellite tourmalines we have ever had. Gorgeous color, cushion cut. GIA Certified
Some gems like this rubellite tourmaline we become attached to and are hard to let go.
What is the best color of rubellite? This is superior color.

GIA Certified, 7.73 Rubellite Tourmaline, Vivid Neon Pink, Cushion Cut

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GIA Certified, 7.73 Rubellite Tourmaline, Vivid Neon Pink, Cushion Cut 

Gem Type - Rubellite Tourmaline

Shape - Cushion cut

Weight - 7.73 carats

Size - 14.03mm x 10.26mm x 7.13 mm

Color - Vivid Neon Pink

Clarity - Amazing clarity for a type III gem

Luster -

Origin - Mozambique

Treatment - Gia Certified as Untreated

Hardness -

Notes - Gorgeous Ruby Color and Hue

Top Color Mozambique Rubellite

Gia Certified as Untreated Rubellite , Most likely will certify as copper bearing and probably elbaite as much of this material does.

Investment Quality Gem