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Sherry Zircon cut by John Dyer on sale.
Sherry Zircon, Regal Radiant cut by John Dyer On Sale.
John Dyer hallmark on Regal Radiant cut sherry zircon 8.83ct
On Sale, Sherry Zircon Cut by John Dyer, Regal Radiant, 8.83 ct.
John Dyer Gem Sale
Sherry Zircon with award-winning Regal Radiant cut, VVS 8.83ct
Top Color Zircon, Regal Radiant Cut by Award Winning Cutter John Dyer
Sherry Zircon in an award winning Regal Radiant cut by John Dyer

8.83 Carat Top Color Zircon, Regal Radiant Cut by John Dyer USA

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8.83 Carat Top Color Zircon, Regal Radiant Cut by John Dyer USA

Gem Type - Zircon

Shape - Regal Radiant Cut

Weight - 8.83 carats

Size - 11.00mm x 9.0mm x 8.0 mm

Color - True Sherry

Clarity -VVS

Luster - Excellent 

Origin - Africa

Treatment - None

Hardness - 6.5 - 7.5 mohs

Notes - Highly desirable, rare, sherry color, becoming hard to find in true sherry which should have a slightly pink hue as this one is text book perfect.

World Class Sparkler, award -winning 'Regal Radiant' cut, by American, (Multi AGTA) award -winning, Gem Cutter, John Dyer (signed with LOGO - JD, see photos)

Amazing luster and super dispersion, these photos do not do justice to the gems, true sherry color as seen in photo #1 (Main Photo) but lighter and brighter in brighter indoor light like photo #2 Blinds the camera in full sun. All photos indoors. Shade to bright indoor.

One of the most beautiful gems in our collection.

Gems cut by international award winning cutters who have swept categories in places like Idar-Oberstein, and AGTA go up in value. This is at four year old pricing and availability on the rough has declined in this quality.

Logos engraved into the gem add validation that you have a gem cut personally by John Dyer. Collectors will clamor over these gems in future generations and they bring a premium at market now.