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SOLD Amethyst, 8.83 ct. Brazil, Round Cut, VVS+, Classic High-End Purple

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Amethyst, 8.83 ct. Brazil, Round Cut, VVS+, Classic Purple

Cut - Round Brilliant

Color - Perfect Nehi Grape, used extensively when found by artisan and high end jewelers due to vibrant color.

Clarity - VVS+ - Flawless

Size - 13.91 x 13.91 x 8.98

Rarity - This is the most desirable color for fine jewelry and very hard to find. No dull gray tones and consistent vibrant, classic purple color

Origin - Brazil

Why is this gem special? - The cut is a gorgeous perfect round and the color is as good as it gets for classic high-end jewelry. While very dark amethyst are often more expensive, the finest jewelers seem to prefer this perfect grape purple and when mounted it gains substantially in price. This is perfect for fine jewelry. This quality in such a desirable color would normally sell for 90.00 to 100.00 per carat wholesale.