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Exceptionally Rare Gems-Art-Antiques

We sell exceptionally rare gems, custom and estate jewelry. Blue spinel, Opals, Russian Demantoid Garnet, Burmese and Pakistani Peridot, Ruby, Ceylon, Color Change Sapphire, Trapiche Emerald, Rare Tourmaline Like Paraiba, Neon Blue, Indicolite, Chrome Green and Bicolor Rare Origin Gems From Russia / Siberia, Uruguay and 4-Peaks Amethyst, Rare Chalcedony like Turkish Blue, Indonesian Purple and Green Marlborough Green Chrysoprase, Rare Garnets Like Pyrope Color Change, Tsavorite, Malaya, Pyralspite, Umbalite, Mahenge and Color Change Garnet, Imperial and Lavender Jadeite, Sardinian Oxblood Coral, Alexandrite, Beryl, Benitoite, Sweet Home Rhodochrosite, Rare Beryl, Aquamarine, Rare Untreated Russian Green Topaz, Russian Blue Topaz, German Yellow Topaz, Imperial Topaz. We Specialize in Rare Gems, Rare Origins, Mined Out Gems, We also work with and broker gems for our award-winning USA gem cutters as well as represent some of the finest gem cutters in the world who allow us to set our own pricing on their gems often lower than buying directly from the cutter. We frequently batch-test our rough with GIA and if a gem is not certified we will send it to GIA or extremely rare gems to private laboratories for intensive testing and certification. We have enough rare gem rough from mines now exhausted to cut for years. 

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