We offer free design assistance on any gem(s) you buy from our company. Though you may save money by working with our certified design assistants we will work with the mounting jeweler of your choice.


We Select Our Design-Partners As Carefully as Our Gems.


Our promise to you - YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. We will save you substantial money and search the planet for the rarest, most beautiful, colored-gems. Regardless of whether your budget is set in stone, or very liberal, we will match you perfectly to a real dream-maker.

 We are proud that the gem(s) you choose will spontaneously double, or even triple their value, the moment they are introduced into your new custom mounting. It’s a good feeling to actually save substantial money by shopping for your own main gemstone. Many of our designers waive, greatly reduce or simply do not charge our customers design fees.  

 Some of our design-partners bring their designs/displays to you, or carve out time on the internet around your busy schedule. Others, create their designs within their showrooms, or studios. One of our finest jeweler referrals even have their designs displayed in the Smithsonian and can ascend to the very ceiling of your imagination. All are capable of producing one of a kind pieces.

But...we never forget that the ultimate display of your custom jewels will be you.

Ezekiel Asa (Zeke) Loftin XII on his families original land in Accomack, Virginia where his family arrived in 1627 and fought in the American Revolution as “Minute Men.” The British burned down their original home but it was rebuilt in the 1700’s and still stands. He is most proud to be 1/4 Indigenous American, from the Alabama-Coushatta tribe in East Texas where his family settled near the end of the Civil War. Old Virginia Gem Co. and Chateau Peridot are subsidiaries of Twisted South LLC and operates as an outlet for selling gems to Artisan and Designing Jewelers, Museums, Universities and private collectors. Chateau Peridot is the brand name for our estate and custom jewelry lines. We work with top custom jewelers who design and produce custom mountings for our customers. 


We work closely with top jewelry designers to mount the gems you buy.

We will act as brokers for our customers using our connections and buying power to obtain top gems at the best prices. We also provide custom precision cutting services for our customers.

Example of an in-house cut Malaya Garnet from our vaulted rough Call for Gem-cutting rates.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Loftin is an award winning publisher and photographer. His family came to Virginia (Accomack,) in 1627. Over time his family had sons in Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. He was raised in the isolated swamps along the Trinity River in Moss Hill, Texas on the Louisiana Border where the opening credits were filmed for the comedy/fantasy serial, True Blood. He began his wiring and photography career by photographing and chronicling the animals and people of his region. His love for rocks and gems has been lifelong.

He has a longtime passion for the earth and his grandmother was native American (Alabama-Coushatta) and fueled his knowledge of plants, animals and stones. He began collecting rocks at an early age and his hobby grew into a business when his collection became, "too large to house and maintain."

Ezekiel and his wife, Phoebe Lewis-Loftin (the daughter of Jerry Lee Lewis,) live in a second-empire, French style home built shortly after the civil war in 1875.

Phoebe Lewis-Loftin with her father Jerry Lee Lewis and her mother Myra.

The Loftin’s home sits atop a hill, on a 12' retaining wall of massive stones with a commanding view of Historic, Downtown, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Zeke has (over the years,) made invaluable connections within the gem/mining/jewelry world and deals with, partners and brokers with mine owners and The top AGTA award winning gem cutters, Chinese/Burmese Cutters for Jadeite and carvings) and the best Thai gem-cutters who produce high-quality gems in classic, retro and antique cuts for lines that need that old world look. We also have a top in-house, precision, gem-cutter. Zeke imports rare gems and gem rough globally as well as writes articles/blogs about gems.

You save money by purchasing your main gems at a discount. Some of our gems are one of a kind, many are extremely rare and few if any are on the market in this quality. We specialize in rare gems from around the planet, many are, “mined out,” gems which appeared in small pockets while they were mining for other gems and then were depleted rapidly and are no longer available. We buy the rough stones, vault them and then cut and sell them when nobody has our quality and inventory without paying extravagant pricing. 

The most saturated red opal we have ever seen.   Ametrine by John Dyer, winner of numerous AGTA gem cutting awards.

(R) Super saturated red Fire Opal. (L) John Dyer cut this Ametrine.

Vivid Blue 5 carat spinel. Rarest color of spinel.   15 carat 2-sided Crystal opal among the best opals on earth.

(L) 5+ ct. Vivid, Blue Spinel. (R) 15 ct. Crystal Opal, amazing color.

And finally here are a couple of our family members. Jenny, our sweet Redbone Coonhound and Zelda our little Chihuahua wearing a hibiscus hat. 

Redbone coonhounds make exceptional house pets.  

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