We Are Marking Down Almost All Gems and Will Consider Offers On All Full Priced Gems Via Email contact@oldvirginiagem.com


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We sold the finest Blood-Red, Fire Opal, anyone -  be they jeweler, or appraiser had ever seen, to a client in California. This rough produced 2 gems. None have ever been discovered finer since. Before most of your jewelers see these gems in Arizona or in Hong Kong gem shows we've seen, bought and sold the top 3%. I AM your friend in the gem world. Myself, associated minors and cutters have seen them first. We have the unusual, the top and the best colored gems. Ask, and you shall receive. We fight for top gems to offer our clients. And we have one of a kind gems NONE of these eBay people can offer. It will take years to cut our rare rough and we use TOP AGTA award winning cutters and specialize in gems no longer mineable.


9AM - 9PM (EST), 7 days a week.


EMAIL US OFFERS - To Make Offers Include Gem Type, Carat Weight & What You Want To Pay. We Will Accept, or Make a Counter Offer At Botton Dollar. Please Note 15% Off A Sale Item Is An Incredible Deal On Our Gems. 


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