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Jadeite - Jade - Nephrite

Nephrite Jade - is the jade used by the Emperors and Empresses before the discovery of jadeite. Carved pieces and pieces of excellent color have good value. When Jadeite was discovered in Burma it became the new standard for "Jade," much more colorful and superior translucency. "Spinach Green," is a very desirable color of Nephrite Jade.

Jadeite Jade - is the most valuable jade and can reach astonishing prices at auction. In particular colors known as "apple green," and "Imperial green," which are clean and translucent and have even coloring. This jadeite often exceeds 10,000.00 a carat at auction and is used in very high end jewelry often mounted in platinum with diamond accents. Jadeite is the most treasured gem in many Asian markets and many Asians have a retina capable of distinguishing hues in the blue and green range that most Europeans do not. Lavender is another very expensive and sought after color in Jadeite.

“It is said that the Dowager Empress had trained herself to distinguish by touch Jade from any other gemstone, and further, that she had developed a faculty for discriminating, again by touch only, between one grade of Jade and another.” Louis Kornitzer, Gem Trader (1939)

Properties of Jade - Delicate and soft to the touch, Jade is a perfect match for any outfit, thanks to its delicate, marvelous colors. But do not be fooled by its soft demeanor; Jade is one of the most highly resistant gemstones in the world, together with Diamond.


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