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4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
4.50 Russian Demantoid Garnet VS, Dispersion on VS #4 is Higher Than Diamond. Certified, Appraisal
see explantion of color change in end photo.
silver color change in 4.50

4.50 carat Russian Demantoid Garnet, Certified (rare color shift to silver shown in GIA article)

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Available for sale Worldwide with few exceptions but available for sale to China, Dubai, France, Italy, United Kingdom. Call for pricing or email/text. 
A Truly Spectacular Russian Demantoid Garnet likely the best loose example in the world market. Wholesale to authorized dealers and collectors. Retail price is legitimate replacement value if it could be replaced and currently it can not. 

Currently the finest loose Russian Demantoid on the world market. Offers must be made via email to and must be very close offers/  Gems this size must contain close to 10% yellow to maintain 100% Brilliance and higher dispersion than diamond. Overly green in this size go flat. Sparkles more than diamond in sun and Red Carpet and full stage lighting. Super rare and substantially more rare than sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond. 

4.50 Carat, Russian, Demantoid Garnet, only inclusion is tiny horsehair visible  at 10  x magnification from back of stone, #4 Color, Dispersion Is significantly Higher Than Diamond. If this gem did not have the slight yellow (less than 10%) it would appear flat at this huge/rare size for Russian Demantoid Garnet. There are cheaper examples like Namibian but they do not compare to this quality in any way. 
This gem has a rare certification by the, University of Moscow Gemological Department. The University of Moscow knows more about Demantoid than any other gem certification experts. We will be happy to certify the gem again at any major gem lab. in the USA 
The beautiful, blue and silver multi page, certification booklet is printed in English and Russian. These certifications in todays political climate will likely be rare and hard to obtain.
Full Appraisal By Ouellet & Lynch (Titanic Recovered Jewels & Smithsonian Colored Gem Exhibit Appraisers). This gem is currently the top Demantoid Garnet on the global market and at any given time remains in the top 3 in the world market. 

 NOTE - The last production of the season of the top three Russian mines produced a faceted gem of just over 1.50 carats. This gem is rare! likely the finest on the world market. 


NOTE - Top Gem On Global Market

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Shape - Round Brilliant, cut by a top Russian gem-cutters entrusted with these world class, large, high-quality demantoid garnets.

Color - #4 Less than 10% yellow undertone in this gorgeous green which allows for highest dispersion, truly higher than diamond on even huge (for Russian Demantoid) gems like this. Any less yellow would not allow “higher than diamond dispersion” but would look flat. The slight yellow in the gem allows it to explode into multi-color flashes in full sun, sending out flashes of blue, red, green, orange etc. The VS clarity gives it a beautiful green color in lower light with a single horsetail inclusion at 10X magnification. #4 color is the best color for 100% brilliance and dispersion in very large Demantoid like this gem. Dispersion of light and flashes of color in sunshine are higher and more beautiful than diamond. 

NOTE ON CERTIFICATIONS AND APPRAISAL - A top gemologist and appraiser David Lynch felt there are less than 4 demantoid's of this size, color and quality on the global market at any given time, Top at this time. (sometimes none are available at this size and quality. A multipage report by Ouellet & Lynch was generated and will come with the gem along with the beautiful blue and silver bound certification booklet from The University of Moscow. 

Clarity - VS1 w/ a Horsetail Inclusion Visible At 10X Magnification from back of gem only, Excellent. Top Fire, 100% Brilliance that puts diamond to shame. (See Video)

Measurements - See Appraisal or Certification photo included in photo section.

Origin - Russian Ural Mountains

Ouellet & Lynch has appraised colored gems for the Smithsonian's traveling and home exhibits and appraised all of the gems recovered from the S.S. Titanic. 

This gem has been appraised twice in the last few years by Ouellet & Lynch and has risen in price substantially during this period. Russian Demantoid Garnet has never decreased in price. It is the most expensive garnet on the planet and likely to soar in the near future yet again.  The last time the Russians cut production it lasted 30 years. 

“If Russia, nationalizes the gem mines the pricing will go yet higher, and the obtainability will be greatly impeded.”  The conflict in Ukraine has also skyrocketed the price of this gem and made them very difficult to legally obtain.”


Russian cutters are chosen and trained from an early age. Gems are precision round brilliant of fine quality and on occasion a cushion cut. Truly, hand cut gems by masters of a disappearing art in gem cutting. 

Craig A. Lynch G.G.

Accredited Senior Gemologist, Certified Insurance Appraiser

Certified Gemological Laboratory: 2007-2017
Accredited Gemologist Association Board of Directors: 2014-2017

Craig Lynch has appraised the Gemological Recoveries from the S.S. Titanic and appraised rate colored gems for various traveling and fixed exhibits for The Smithsonian.