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Russian Demantoid Garnets

Why you are getting Demantoid below “walk up,” mine cost.

Yes, we have access to museum size gems currently and can source any quality size etc. but the deals are in the smaller parcels of .29 to .49 carat parcels by the carat. The more carats you buy the cheaper the cost. For a quote email us and let us know how many carats you are interested in.

My partners and I are buying out the full production of a top Russian Demantoid Garnet mine producing some large, one over 16 carats.  But, the real deal in these super rare gems is in the sizes of .29 to .49. Demantoid in this range are often priced in the hundreds not thousands per carat. Matched pairs available at a premium and must be ordered about one month in advance. We guarantee you will love the gems you order or your money back if you notify us within seven days of receipt. Pricing on these parcels is per carat and the more you buy the less you pay per carat in the sizes listed above.

Russian Demantoid has higher dispersion of light than diamond and are something to behold. We primarily import full fire gems but will happily order emerald green or brighter bluish-green.

Email us at if you need assistance, or have questions. We are here 9AM to 9PM EST, seven days a week and email us if after hours. 



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