Russian Demantoid Garnet Parcels Being Listed at 650.00 Per Carat Or Less. Prices Drop When You Buy Multiple Parcels. These Parcels Are 1 Ct. Total Weight. Gems Are .30 ct. Minimum to .49 ct. Top Fire, Eye Clean, Round, Slightly-Yellow, Medium Bright Green. Large Sizes Over 10+ Carats Available On Request.

Russian Demantoid Garnets & Wholesale 1ct. Parcels

Why you are getting Demantoid below “walk up,” mine cost.

My partners and I are buying out the full production of a top Russian Demantoid Harnet mine producing gems currently over 16 carats. But the real deal in these super rare gems is in the sizes of .30 to .49. 

you may never see this full-fire, eye clean usually VS with some horsetail inclusion at 10 X magnification. It proves the Russian Origin which remain the most desirable of Demantoid from other locales which just do not have the flash color Amd fore of this legacy of the Russian Czars and then mesmerized Louis Comfort Tiffany when he imported their royal gems as he was able after the royal family were supposedly all murdered even the children. 

Russian Demantoid has higher dispersion of light than diamond and are something to behold. We import primarily import full fire gems but will happily order alpine green or brighter chrome creek with a bit more green than the yellowish green but less fire. A matter of taste really but we’ll get you what you want I. Larger gems but the size in these parcels is perfect to allow

maximum through and make each gem glows diamond like when when near the sun or good light. 

We have sold out quite a few so seriously move fast or wait another month and we are already getting  orders on the November harvest as well.  Many of the parcels are gone but a few larger and matched pair gems are available.

We are sending you love, and prosperity which should come at these amazingly

low volume prices on a world class gem of such rarity we are sharing with our customers. Demantoid normally sells for at, or above, it’s appraisal price. But, we are coming in far below Lynch & Ouellett,  and those of you who deal in rare gems regularly know these guys were hand chosen to appraise gems recovered from the Titanic and The Smithsonian’s, “Inside the Rainbows Light,” Collection. They are accurate and do not over inflate values.  

you will see the discount list in with the photos in Demantoid Parcels. Just choose the amount you want and see corresponding discount for chose total carat weight to see your discount or see it at checkout.

You can add to your order until the day before we ship your order and if any shipping charges are doubled, never fear, we will remove them from your payment right away and make sure your discounts were added properly, so fear not.  

Email us at if you need assistance, or have questions. We are here 9AM to 9PM EST, seven days a week and email us if after hours and if possible we will get back to you even after, or before our posted hours.

Good Luck this is a super deal and the industry has taken notice. 



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