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Rare Burma Vivid Pink Spinel Engagement Ring Quality

Spinel, 1.06ct. Pink, Matching Color and Hue, Oval Cut, Burma. Bubble Gum Pink

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1.06 ct. Pink Spinel Matching Color and Hue, Oval Cut, Burma

rare sublet color pink color and pink matching singular hue and colors (other than color change,0are the hardest to obtain and most coveted spinel color. Read about this on GIA

Pink spinel with pink hue. When color and hue match it is a highly desirable color in spinel. This is Burmese material, mined in Burma.  Burmese mare isle are about to be if not already banned Frm new imports. 

Perfect engagement ring gem. 

1.06 carat perfect engagement size


  • 6.68 x 5.61 x 3.76mm