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Most of our custom pieces are not displayed for customer or dealer privacy. However this top Russian Demantoid Garnet, bluish green VS 1.70 carats was mounted in .950 Platinum with .54 ct. VS-G white diamonds and was made as a one of a kind piece for a customer. Custom, Mine-4, Lapis Lazuli pendant. This is the finest Lapis on earth and Mine-4 closed decades ago. RARE!

Custom, Mine-4, AAAA Lapis Lazuli pendant. This is the finest Lapis on earth from Mine-4 which closed decades ago. This Lapis Lazuli is top-rated color, with no white or pyrite inclusions. This mine no longer produces and only very old rough remains. Our Afghani partners have supplied us with old rough and rare cabochons. In 14k this two sided round gem is one of a kind made to resemble small rivets and bring in mind a WWII airplane. This is finer quality then Lapis found in Kind Tut's burial mask. Unisex. We have 3 pieces of Lapis like the one below to mount.


Custom Padparadscha sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold. This lavish and rarest color of sapphire is the finest Padparadscha we have owned and produced this gorgeous engagement ring at wholesale cost for our customer.