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Investment Quality Ruby Cut by John Dyer

SOLD Ruby, Radiant Style, Cut by John Dyer, Investment Quality Ruby

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  • SOLD
  • Investment Quality Ruby cut by International Award Winning Cutter John Dyer
  • Length and Width - 7.4 mm x 5.3 mm
  • Pavilion Depth 3.3 mm
  • Total Depth 4.0 mm
  • Cut - Flat Faceted 
  • Primary Color - Red
  • Shape - Cushion
  • Enhancement Code - H
  • Logo - N
  • Origin - Mozambique
  • Notes - Probably from Mozambique, this gem was bought and recut to increase symmetry and brilliance. A great gem for someone looking for a good size ruby. Lovely color and shape with good clarity! The original gem was sent (before recut) to the GIA for a lab report but has not been resubmitted since the recut.