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Malaya Garnet, 1.83 ct. Umba Valley (Umbalite), Oval, VVS, Pomegranate
Malaya garnet on 360 diamond viewer
Malaya garnet viewed on diamond viewer
Umbalite garnet loose gem on diamond viewer.

1.83 ct. Umbalite Garnet, Umba Valley (Umbalite), Oval, VVS, Pomegranate, Malaia

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Umbalite Garnet, 1.83 ct. True Umba Valley Origin(Umbalite), Oval, VVS, Pomegranate, Malaia

Gem Type - Umbalite Garnet AKA Malaia

Weight - 1.83 carat

Cut - Oval

Color - Pomegranate

Clarity - VVS

Origin - Umba Valley, East Africa

Treatment - None Wedding Gem Quality

Size - 7.9 x 6.8 x 5.7 mm

Rarity - Very Rare

What makes this gem special? This is such rare material from the Umba Valley. The rough has been almost all exhausted and no significant amounts are being discovered. The quality of Malaya/Umbalite/Pyrope garnet rough on the market is either really not Malaya and misidentified, or brownish hued lesser quality or included material of small size, or hoarded material that is very expensive when it makes it to market. This is old stock. Gems photographed in 360 degree diamond viewer will not show full color, but will show the cut and any inclusions in the gem at high magnification.