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Blue Spinel, 5.06 ct. Peacock Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut Rare peacock (deep lagoon) blue spinel Ceylon.
rare teal blue spinel Ceylon over 5 carats
Peacock Blue Spinel, No Treatment over 5 Carats
Natural Blue Spinel Untreated
Large Blue Spinel over 5 carats
No Heat No Treatment Blue Spinel, Sri Lanka

5.06 ct. Teal Blue Spinel, Rare Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut, GIA Certified.

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ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! 5.06 ct.GIA Blue Spinel, Mermaid -Deep-Lagoon Blue, Sri Lanka, Cushion Cut

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Gem Type - Spinel

Shape - Cushion Cut

Weight - 5.06 carat

Size - 11.42 x 9.57 x 5.81

Color - Peacock (Teal / Deep

Lagoon) Blue

Clarity - VVS

Luster - Excellent

Origin - Sri Lanka

Treatment - No Treatment of any kind

Hardness - 7.5-8 mohs

Notes - GIA Tested and certified.

Fine Sri Lankan (formerly called “Ceylon,” Material

Benchmark stone over 5 carats

This is a top collector and artisan jeweler gem.

Gorgeous hue some color shift leaning from

sapphire to teal blue depending on light.